Why Buy AdSense Safe Traffic

July 4, 2016

Using Google Ad Sense is a great way to monetise your site. It’s one of Google’s many ways of offering bloggers a great opportunity to make money.

Buy adsense safe clicksIt’s almost any regular ad strategy, except Google has full control.

Some of the biggest websites today, like wikiHow, have been making oodles of money by running with Ad Sense alone.

But many of those who make very little out of Ad Sense decide that it’s not working as well for them because of the lack of traffic.

So, they buy traffic.

The question is, are these clicks Ad Sense safe?

You may have heard the term “AdSense Safe traffic”, as opposed to unfriendly Ad Sense traffic. Some paid traffic will jeopardise your Ad Sense account, while others will give you a decent pay cheque out of it.


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So, how do you navigate around buying traffic and ensuring it’s AdSense-friendly?

First, understand the need for AdSense safe clicks.

Ad Sense is by Google

Violation of Google Ad Sense policies traffic requirement can jeopardise not only your Ad Sense account, but your ranking on the SERPs as well.

AdSense is Extremely Strict

One violation and AdSense can ban your website for good – a difficult penalty to recover from.

AdSense is Too Good to Gamble With

AdSense is a great source for producing sales and conversions. Don’t risk it with poor-quality traffic.


You decide to buy traffic. Here are two ways to make sure it’s AdSense safe:

Avoid Ultra-Cheap Bad Traffic

The web teems with companies offering to give you 100% AdSense safe visitors in exchange for ultra-low cost. Despite its guarantees, the probable reality is that this traffic is low-quality, and 99% of it comes from software.

As long-time webmasters know all too well, bad traffic won’t do anything for you. It won’t buy your products, it won’t click your ads unless you specifically point them to those links, and most likely, neither is it AdSense safe.

Trust Google when it says it will detect your bad-quality, non-human traffic and shut down your AdSense account for violating their terms of service.

Instead: Make sure your website traffic are real humans. You may as well ensure the traffic you’re paying for produce real clicks, real views and real hits.

Make sure you’re working with a trusted provider

The best way to avoid violation is making sure that your web visitors comes from a premium and legitimate source. Agencies are just waiting to cheat and provide bad-quality traffic from questionable sources, so always keep your guard up when choosing your provider.

Instead:  make sure you’re not paying for overpriced mediocre traffic. Maybe you’ll get 10,000 legitimate hits and earn a few pounds, but what good is it if you spent £100 for it? It’s basic cost-benefit analysis. Why buy traffic for a greater amount than the profits you make from it?


PayPerClick, or Google AdWords, is currently the primary method of buying valid clicks, while some high quality third-party services are also effective. Google doesn’t penalise anyone for buying traffic, so long as it’s valid and legitimate. It’s the moment where this paid traffic starts looking robotic and built for the sole purpose of clicking ads, that Google starts sending you red flags.

In conclusion, fellow bloggers and website owners, the bottom line is caution and awareness. Be cautious of the quality of traffic you’re paying for. Be aware of its reliability and adherence to AdSense standards. In the business of buying traffic, the mantra is clear: Be aware. Be safe. Buy AdSense safe traffic!