Create Your Own Free Traffic Source using Social Media

July 14, 2016

Imagine your social media profile as a tower sending radio signals to its surrounding. It may stand tall, but it’s not able to reach everyone, wasting your potential to earn sales.

Social Signals to Boost Website AuthorityTo expand this reach, your social signals must be amplified – with a boost in likes, retweets, views, and pins.

For the longest time, Google has been tight-lipped about the effect of social signals on your SEO efforts.

They may have hinted in 2014 that social signals didn’t play an active role in ranking, but we’ve seen how social and SEO have held hands.

We’ve also seen how social media helps traffic, both organically and via paid channels.

Social signals services exist precisely for this reason: helping businesses create their own traffic source using social media.

So, why rely on Twitter or Facebook to add value to your SEO campaign and beyond?

The answer is simple.

They take any online marketer closer to their goal: become popular. In online marketing, popularity is equivalent to authority and catching the attention of Google, which garners 40,000 search queries every second.

Boost Likes, Shares, Views, Tweets, and Repins


* Remember to choose the right services you want for your campaign

Social and SEO have always intermingled, one way or another.

Here’s how social signals fall into the equation:

It Tells Google Your Website is Being Talked About

In the wake of Penguin, many social sites adapted to no-follow outbound links. Google likes to see traffic coming from social signals, and the no-follow links from your social profiles can play a great advantage. It is when social signals turn into links (shares) that they offer real value to your SEO efforts.

It Increases Your Site’s Authority

There are no facts to support that social signals drive a website’s domain authority. But, some correlation study suggests these signals may have an impact on a site’s overall authority. As more traffic is driven to your site from trusted social channels, it reinforces your site’s perceived value.

Social Links Have Inherent Authority

As mentioned before, Google tends to trust social signals, especially if they come from trustworthy social media platforms. The more you invest in social link building, the better it is for your site’s perceived authority. Social links may not carry the same weight as an editorial citation, but it doesn’t negate their ability to drive traffic.

To maximise the value of these links, make sure your pages are optimised to catch any traffic stemming from social channels. Also, make sure you that your social profiles link back to your website.  Social media profile optimisation can also add significant value to your SEO campaign.

Finally: It Supplements Your Social Engagement

In the spirit of standing out, some marketers get resourceful and turn to social signals from top social signal providers. When you buy social signals, you’re getting more leverage. It’s as simple as that.

You’re better equipped to reach your target audience, and turn social posts into viral content that drive a significant volume of traffic to your main site.

With a live human managing your social media account and engaging with your audience, paid social signals are useful additions to these efforts. Google may not give us a straight answer regarding the true value of social signals, there’s no doubt of its significance to your SEO strategy.

Moving forward, it’s time to learn from the experts and make the most out of your social links. It is here that you can use social media to drive traffic to your website and rock your SEO.