Effectively Boosting Your Online Identity

Lets face it: Whether it is an auto repair centre, a laundry service or a dental practice, online is the place to be. So many opportunities lie in digital marketing, such as SEO and social signal services, that if you don’t make a serious move, you’re wasting marketing potential and leading your customers to the competitors. There are no shortcuts to achieving a strong online brand identi...

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07 Jan 2016

How Does Q&A Sites Algorithm Work for Traffic?

Why do birds fly? Why are babies ugly when they are born? What can I get from trying out online marketing? Question and Answer sites (or simply Q & A sites) are carriers of the craziest and the most complex types of questions on the Internet. Visiting a Q & A site is like digging through a field of unknown diamonds. Some people may think that these are just plain rocks, but others cou...

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31 Dec 2015

Happy New Year – Visitorz 2016 Update

We are only hours away before our calendars shift to 2016. Yes, it’s been a rough year for some of our website visitor clients and fanatics. Yes, Google was definitely not that forgiving when it comes to their algorithm. Yes, some of you were still not able to get the traffic that they need in 2015, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it this 2016! Visitorz have been (and always bee...

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30 Dec 2015

Traffic Trends to Look Out for in 2016

What comes immediately to your mind when you hear the word “trend”? Is it about the dress that really freaked out everyone? Is it about the ALS ice bucket challenge that almost became a “hobby” by some people? Is it about cat videos and memes which became viral this year? Or is it something that you expect others to follow? Whatever this is, it’s a thing that everyone should immediately know. It...

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24 Dec 2015

Christmas Day Traffic Campaigns Update – Visitorz

West Yorkshire, U.K., December 24, 2015 – Visitorz, your one stop shop for traffic boosters and online exposure, will still be receiving orders and queries this Christmas Week. This is according to Visitorz’s Marketing Manager Christina Mayer. Your leading website traffic supplier will still be operating this Christmas week until further notice. This is to serve as a guarantee to those site own...

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23 Dec 2015

Missing in Google SERPs? Do These Strategies First!

Why do you apply SEO on your site? Is it all about attracting traffic? Is it all about amplifying your website in order to improve its value? Is it about improving your traffic? Website owners all know that SEO is all about customizing your site in order for it to appear on SERPs (search engine results pages.)  Once you were able to appear on SERPs, your chances of earning targeted website visit...

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17 Dec 2015

How to Effectively Target Facebook Fans

Facebook is definitely one of the biggest social media sites that website owners and web masters cannot miss. As one of the best sources of traffic, you could say that a little optimization on this certain social media site wouldn’t hurt that much. This is the reason most website owners are creating their own pages and groups. And like them, you could get the more out of this site if you know ho...

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16 Dec 2015

How to Write the Perfect YouTube Title?

As of today, one of the biggest and most proven ways to improve one’s YouTube rank is by earning tons of views. Obviously, YouTube prioritizes videos which earn tons of views overtime. You may create the best video on the whole channel, but it wouldn’t receive any special treatment unless it earns tons of views. And when we say “tons” of views for your video, it means millions of views that coul...

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10 Dec 2015

Do Uncommon Top-Level Domains Affect SEO?

Sorry, but we’re breaking the 4th wall for this article. For now, can we ask you, our dear website traffic, to look at our URL and state something that you’ve noticed? Yes, we had a very unique domain URL. Yes, we are based in UK so we got that .UK at the end (and with that, you’re almost near to the answer that we’re searching for.) YES! We got a very unique TLD (Top-Level Domain) on our URL...

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09 Dec 2015

The Basic Guide to Traffic Hunting in Facebook

Have you been using Facebook as one of your main sources of traffic? We know that some people treat Facebook as one of their “temples” when it comes to traffic. They invest time, money, energy in maintaining a page which can provide them with enough traffic. For some, the best way to dominate social media sites is by focusing first on Facebook before going through other sites. Some believe that...

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03 Dec 2015

What to Do When Someone Stole Your Website’s Contents?

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” This is one of the most popular Commandments that most people follow today. Yep, we were raised knowing that stealing is bad. We’ve been aware that getting something that’s not yours is pretty bad, but why is it that are still stolen website contents scattered on various websites on the Internet? Believe it or not, hundreds of website owners are still practicing this hor...

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