Effectively Boosting Your Online Identity

Lets face it: Whether it is an auto repair centre, a laundry service or a dental practice, online is the place to be. So many opportunities lie in digital marketing, such as SEO and social signal services, that if you don’t make a serious move, you’re wasting marketing potential and leading your customers to the competitors. There are no shortcuts to achieving a strong online brand identi...

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14 Jan 2016

Is Alexa Dead – The Myth Buster Edition

Alexa is definitely one of the most underrated things on today’s SEO. Some have continuously battled with Alexa for almost years while some still hated Alexa for being “useless” for website traffic. Now that 2015 (the year when most website owners are still unable to find Alexa’s importance) is over, will 2016 serve a differently for Alexa? Will Alexa still be the most hated analytical tool on ...

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13 Jan 2016

Bounce Rates = SEO?

In real life, bouncing up and down on a trampoline can make anyone happy. You’ll feel ‘enlightened’ and delighted after feeling weightlessness as you leap up on those elastic trampolines on your background. However, bounces existing on your websites are a thing that you shouldn’t really enjoy. As a matter of fact, you need to be cautious about your SEO efforts once you found out that your websit...

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07 Jan 2016

How Does Q&A Sites Algorithm Work for Traffic?

Why do birds fly? Why are babies ugly when they are born? What can I get from trying out online marketing? Question and Answer sites (or simply Q & A sites) are carriers of the craziest and the most complex types of questions on the Internet. Visiting a Q & A site is like digging through a field of unknown diamonds. Some people may think that these are just plain rocks, but others cou...

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